Friday, 21 October 2011

Hee , sorryy :)

 Hello Peeps ,
Look at that photo , My silly face :)
That shit face , making people get angry for me rite ?
I know , and I do . Loving him without stopp yaww babe <3

Look for our title , Sorry for da next too .
Sorry boy , why i'm always make you tempered ?
Is it because of my shit face , just ignore it .
Is it about da money ?

Ouh , syg . Ilovemakingsomeonesmile .
Specially you my Boyy <3
But i'm tired of my drama :)
I really wanna help u laa , but i Can't .
I tried my best , to help youu . But i'm just make u  sulk .
Oh man ! Just fuck off of me ,

I'm just making u suck ! But seriously , u need tto know this 
Without you i'm lose ,
without you i'm nothing , just me as Ainnazifa .
Because i start to love you and i got it :)
My love for you never stopp !
Last word , pleasa make me smile again , and i'll love you until i'm die .
Idoloveyousuperfuckingdamntrulysoo much !

# aq taw , grammar bnyk slah :D
Amirul Asyraf this for u biee
My gulahati

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