Thursday, 10 November 2011

i'm So Glad !

Heyyo Peep , Pembaca Setia .
boringg laa , HAHA ! tuh yg update belogg tuh
Okeh , cqita kita haqi nie . psai Lover aku . Sapa ? Yon lerr

Hey , u there . This story is All Bout Him . 
The guy who is always make me smiling , laughing , crying .
sometimes i fell good when i'm with him .
He always make me smile , no tears  ! Just laugh n happening .
Before i'm taken by him . I always give peoples FAKE SMILE .
because I do not get a real Happiness .

But when im WITH YOU . I got and I learn A Real Hapiness 
I'm very glad to be yours . And I really hope that we will remain . Untill the end of the story of us .
Thanks a lot for choosing me as your 'SPECIAL PARTNER' .
Thanks again :) and iloveyou <3

# grammer rosakk !

Truly love :

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